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Since I was a child, I grew up in an environment surrounded by architects who taught me to combine a fascination for aesthetics with a scientific background and an extraordinary sensitivity. After completing my university studies as an architect and working in different countries and contexts, I felt that something was missing in the current way of understanding architecture. It was then that I discovered in garden design a way to complement my knowledge and connect people with nature, thus transforming their emotional well-being.

To acquire new skills and knowledge, I studied garden design at the London College of Garden Design, based at the wonderful Kew Gardens Botanic Gardens. I now combine my training and experience in both fields by creating unique and exciting spaces that enhance people's quality of life and their relationship with the natural environment.



I understand the garden as a way of connecting human beings with nature; and I firmly believe in the importance of the relationship between landscape, garden, architecture and humans.

For me, garden design is about understanding and feeling the place with its personality and character and then recognising and solving the different problems and enhancing its virtues.

Some of the important factors for a successful design are living the site, identifying a concept and controlling the light and qualities of the space; believing in the importance of creating something lasting.

For me; the best preparation for becoming a good garden designer is to read and fill the soul with memories.

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